The Cart system is best suited for large-scale, mixed-use buildings due to its capacity to be scaled up and its overall efficiency. The retrieval times can drastically decrease depending on the number of carts that are placed into the system. - as one cart parks another is simultaneously retrieved.


Tower parking is a system designed to transport a vehicle by carrying it up and down multiple floors for safe storage. Suitable for medium & large sized buildings or Parking-Only facilities; the parking tower creates a convenient and modern place to store and display vehicles.

This is ideal for car dealerships and sporting arenas.


When a vehicle enters a parking garage designed to accommodate multiple floors, the lift on both ends elevates the pallet vertically while circulating it horizontally to park the vehicle.

Multilayer Circulation is a high space efficiency system, which is recommended for small and medium buildings. Different variations of this system exist with one entry and one exit to increase efficiency.


In the space allocated for two conventional parking spots this parking solution is designed to allow the vehicle to simply drive onto the empty pallet and at the press of a button
safely get parked. It is easy to install and contains fewer faults due to its basic design. Its usage is very simple and a driver can control the system directly. Therefore, it does not need to have additional personnel monitoring the system (typically known as a janitor or car jockey).

A Rotary system is also easy to disassemble and reinstall, giving this type of parking a unique case-by-case flexibility in situations where temporarily additional parking may be required. For example, downtown construction sites, sports events, and concerts.

Single Home – Semi-Automated

There are two main variations in a single home parking system: Independent parking uses a pit to render each vehicle independently retrievable from others. Dependent parking stacks vehicles into an empty parking space by lowering the platform, like a standard elevator, opening up the basement floor to be used as a garage.

Numerous variations & designs are available to meet diverse vehicle & construction-based requirements. These are available for both single and double platforms; where two to three vehicles can be stacked vertically.

Single home parking systems are useful for both family homes, as well residential buildings with conventional parking lots looking to increase capacity (height permitting).