GLParking Inc. works with two of the top automated manufacturing companies globally - Nussbaum Parking GmbH from Germany and AJ Dongyang Menics Ltd from South Korea - to bring a proven solution to the Canadian market.

Our mandate will be to distribute, install, service and maintain their products in Canada. Each company provides a unique industry perspective, enabling us to supply the Canadian market with the best possible solutions. Our partnership with global industry leaders will assist us in delivering the highest quality final product and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction with the end result.

Along with the help and expertise of Black & McDonald and Transdynamics, we at GLParking feel confident that we are the best choice in automated parking nationwide.

GLParking is a proud member of:

Group of Gold Line

The Group of Gold Line (GL) is a Canadian group of companies specializing in the research, development, marketing and worldwide distribution of telecommunication solutions and technology products through four lines of business: Telephony, Web2Print, IPTV and Business Solutions.

Founded in 1991, GL is today the largest provider of prepaid long distance products and services in North America, selling over 300 million minutes of long distance calling per month. GL is also the world’s largest provider of multicultural IPTV programming and operates the world’s largest multicultural ad exchange. GL also offers hosting services through its state of the art data centre in its head offices in Markham, Ontario. GL’s products are distributed at approximately 100,000 points of sale, by over 1000 resellers (GLAgents) in over 50 countries.

GL’s mission is to connect people and bring them closer to their family, business, culture and language through innovative, unique and competitive technology-based products and services.

Black & McDonald is an integrated multi-trade contractor that offers a range of services to commercial, industrial, and government clients. The company has accrued a depth of knowledge across a wide range of industries including transportation, heavy industrial, automotive, network/ data technology, waste water treatment, healthcare, pharmaceutical/ biotechnology, nuclear and renewable energy.

Established in Ontario in 1921, Black & McDonald Limited (“Black & McDonald”) began as a residential wiring service. Over the years, this privately-owned corporation has evolved into a national multi-trade contractor through the opening of new product lines and expansion of its service area. They are registered and licensed to do business in all Canadian provinces and territories and currently operate a network of over 25 offices across North America with over 5,500 employees.

Transdynamics is an engineering firm offering a diverse range of services to many different industries. Their primary strength is innovative design of machinery and processing equipment. Their engineered products can be found where tough problems require practical, reliable solutions. Transdynamics works with manufacturers of automated parking lifts for commercial buildings, condominiums and private homes. Transdynamics has overseen the licensing of hundreds of Parking Garage Lifts in Ontario by TSSA in commercial applications and can provide inspection and review services for residential garage lifts.

A part of the Nussbaum Automotive group, Nussbaum Parking specialized in tailor-made solutions to match both commercial and residential applications. Originated more than 20 years ago, they are leaders in knowledge when it comes to high-quality and reliable parking solutions. Known for developing their own in-house control software, which ensure that their product is robust and easy-to-use. Regardless of your space utilization, Nussbaum will be able to tailor-fit the right solution to match your needs. Having a complete product line allows Nussbaum to service all aspects of the market. As one of the leaders of the field, Nussbaum products are a true testament to German engineering.

With over 25 years in the market, AJ is a global leader in automated parking systems. With over 150 projects in over 30 countries, their technology has proven to be, not only useful but, in some cases, necessary. With a current local output of 15-20 new projects per month, AJ is an expert in the field and will be an ideal choice for any large-scale automated parking solution, ideally commercial. Known for their 24hr monitoring systems as well as their app integration, AJ’s solution will put any customer at ease as they will know that the system they purchased is tried and tested and works with many satisfied customers on a daily basis.